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Healer / Mage Duo
Author: Goblin Development 
What is Healer/Mage Duo?

This is a generalized bot that will help you box a healer and a mage-like character. This means that you can play your tank while the healer and mage are autofollowing you and doing their healing and damage dealing automatically.

This bot is currently set up to use in games that have passive targetting. If you dont have passive targetting then it may require a more customization to assist the tank.
Current Features:
  • This is the same as Agressive Healer Bot but also added another bot. So this will automate a mage-type and a healer-type on a single computer, while your tank is on the main computer.
  • This can also be set up to use 3 computers (three box) instead of 2 (two box).Run when attacked (PvP server)
  • The Healer on the Second computer heals both the Tank on the Main Computer, the healer itself, and a Player 3 bot, such as a Mage.. casts aggressive spells if no healing is needed AND if the healer's Power-Monitor pixel is not black.
  • Player 3 (Mage) casts spells in an automatic  routine while in Full Auto Mode.
  • Player 3 (Mage) has 5 improvised spells that will pause their automatic casting routine, do the improv spell,  then continue it after the improv spell is cast. Good for Evac spells, etc.
  • Contains all of the properties of the 'Aggressive Healer Bot'


How it works:
This crafter works on visual queues from your game instead of log file reading because Vanguard does not have a log file to read. This bot is geat for making tons of simple things like planks.
It detects when a complication arises by seeing that the complication panel has opened (which is black). 

As with most bots you'll need to tell it which keypresses/mouseclicks to use during crafting and which pixels to monitor. Detailed instructions are provided at the download location. Follow the instructions on the Settings page to set up this bot. (Edit => Settings and Description)

Those who have MacroGoblin can download this bot Here.

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