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Crafter Goblin
Author: Goblin Development
What is Crafter Goblin?

Crafter Goblin is a customizable MMO crafting bot that can be used in most MMORPGs to automate tradeskill crafting. It was made using the MacroGoblin program. You can get more general information about MacroGoblin Crafting Bots Here. The version that is shown here requires is that your game have a log file that tells you when an item is done, but there are other versions that work on pixel monitoring alone. So, you dont need to read a log file. Crafter Goblin comes free with the MacroGoblin program.

Current Features:
  • Craft up to 20 Items of varying quantity per run.
  • Set up 4 difficulty levels, and assign different crafting routines to each one. Assign those difficulties to your items. Only 1 difficulty level is required.
  • Optionally, assign chat phrases that will trigger an audio alarm.
  • Optionally, monitor up to two Health/Power bars. Then, you will not continue crafting until you have replenished your Health/Power. 
  • Edit your craft item list right from the console. Most things are set up using the Crafter Goblin GUI. You can even edit the list while crafting!
  • Save different crafting lists by making your list how you want it then simply saving your console as a different file name. Reload desired list when needed.

How it works:

The craft bot monitors your game log file and analyses the text in it live. You tell Crafter Goblin which text(s) indicate that an item is done. Then it, optionally, waits for health and/or power to replenish, and moves on to the next item to craft. Health/Power bars are monitored by 2 pixels whose coordinates and color you specify.

Alternative versions don't need a log file to read. They work on visual queues.

Optional Customization:

As with all MacroGoblin consoles, you can add to them as much as you'd like. Here are some things you may want to do with this one.

  • If your game has some other method for detecting when an item is done being crafted, such as some pixels changing, then use that method.
  • Optionally, add more item slots on the crafting list.

As with most bots you'll need to tell it which keypresses/mouseclicks to use during crafting and which pixels to monitor. Download and detailed instructions are provided at the forums.

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