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Best Buddy v3.0
Game: LotRO

What is Best Buddy Bot?

"I am now very proud and happy with this Bot, it does what I wanted it to and more, its been tested and at some times in very hard fighting sequences, plus I have run 3 fellowship quests with just me and my bot, I have taken on and beat up to 7 mobs at once all 1 lvl below me (Not intentionaly lol) with a hunter and minstrel combo, my minstrel is now lvl 15 my hunter almost 18, I am not saying all fellwoship quest can be done in this way, for I know they cannot, but, many of them could, and the number of folks that ask to join me.."

"Lord of the Rings online  support Bot

A few routines namely were originally taken from Bots that Jack made ( the inventor of this wonderful program), but as I have gone along these have evolved into different routines.

This is really a major update of my Unisup Bot as this has  the features that did plus more.
Not only does it heal you and itself automatically it can now cope with additional players coming into your group and or leaving at the press of a button, they to will also come under the umbrella of the Bot and be healed when needed, the number of players in your group is updated and shown.

Also it can be aggressive and fight when needed or to fight at your back, or just call on it when really needed to give a hand in killing those adds, or just use it to caste 1 spell and then go back to healing again.

I have included an assist system now because I found that the forward targeting in lotro leaves  a lot to be desired, so now I have it turned of and just use Mob (Button) when i want my Bot to target a mob, this way it wont target and caste on mobs you don't want it to or are not yet ready for.

The number of players is set to 2 lowest and 6 highest.

Also I have included a Group heal button for those bad times and to help with pets, because I  have not included any support to Captains or LM pets in this as both those Classes can heal their own pets, but you just need to make sure they understand this, so they wont moan when they let there pets die Smiley (But of course Group heal does heal pets also).

Have fun running 2 players together and find doing quest much easier and even fellowship quests depending on your play style experience and levels, plus with a group of 2 already it makes it easier to find others for the harder quests, even more so if your second toon is a healer.

Now this Bot should work on other games WoW for instance as that is a game I played for along time, but , no longer do, so I am unable to test it, but if anything it will work easier in WoW because there you have the ability to make macros and put them on hot bars.

I cant say about other games but if they have health bars and quick slot bars , I can see no reason why it cant be set up for that game."


As with most bots you'll need to tell it which keypresses/mouseclicks to use during fighting and healing and which pixels to monitor. Download and detailed instructions are provided at the forums.

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